Dear partners!

We are convinced that the technology we have created will change the very principle of management of large companies and organizations.

We are ready to cooperate with the industry’s grandees. Your experience and qualifications will certainly expand our understanding of the “Bastau” technology.

We are eager and ready for joint research work with universities. The field for research seems to us significant. The ability to see the structure of any huge organization in space is a consequence of innovations in the field of information technology.

We stand on the shoulders of giants who created computers, modern programming languages, and interactive visualization technologies. We just added one more element in the mosaic of possibilities. This element significantly changes the speed of information, improves the quality of data, develops the principle of comparability, and saves a huge amount of resources – both financial and human resources.

We are ready and look forward to dialogues with any interesting structures and organizations; we are looking for associates with the spirit of researchers and pioneers.